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Health and Wellness

Health and wellness Clinical Studies have demonstrated the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen  for reducing the effects of conditions of age-related degeneration by providing oxygen at the cellular level to promote health and well-being. •Every cell in our body requires oxygen to enable key systems to…

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Cosmetic Surgery and Hyperbaric Oxygen

Cosmetic Surgery and Hyperbaric Oxygen Having plastic surgery or any other cosmetic procedure can be a time of great anticipation and stress. Patients recovering from cosmetic surgery need to exercise extra care to ensure that tissues receive enough oxygen during the healing process.Treatment with HBOT…

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Scientists study the use of hyperbaric oxygen for skin rejuvenation and treatment of photoaging from UV-radiation

There are currently medical aesthetic clinics that are using oxygen therapy under high pressure applied directly to skin to reduce visible wrinkles but this procedure is not widespread yet due to more research that needs to be done on this topic. However, the use of…

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Stroke Incidence of Stroke (lifetime)

   Stroke, the third leading cause of death in the United States and the leading cause of adult disability, can be catastrophic for the afflicted individual.  Brain injury from ischemic stroke can be devastating, but full brain restoration is feasible. Time until treatment is critical;…

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