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Adjunctive HBO Treatment of Children with Cerebral Anoxic Injury

CPT Philip Waalkes, MC, USA COL Daniel T. Fitzpatrick, MC, USA MAJ Seth Stankus, MC, USA Richard Topolski, PhD Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy has been successfully used to treat a variety of medical disorders, including brain injury. This study evaluated the effects of adjunctive HBO…

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Study Shows Potential Benefit for Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury

Every year, more than 1.4 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) - the leading cause of death and disability in children and young adults. Those who survive often face months or even years of therapy, and sometimes the damage to the brain is…

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Hyperbaric Oxygenation for Lyme Vasculitis

W. P. Fife, Ph. D. R. A. Neubauer, M. D. Lyme disease is a tick-borne disease caused by a Borrelia spirochete, usually Borrelia burgdorferi which was first recognized in late 1975 although a disease resembling Lyme has been recognized in Europe for over 100 years.…

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By Thomas M.Fox MAS, MS, CHT Treatment for divers may be the key to unlock the secret to addressing the war’s signature wounds. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is identified by the office of the surgeon general of the u.S. Army as definitive treatment of neurological abnormalities…

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