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What difference does extra pressure create? Questions and answers

What difference does extra pressure create? Hemoglobin (in red blood cells) holds 97% of its maximum amount of oxygen from normal air or holds 100% when breathing pure oxygen. One gram of hemoglobin can only combine with 1.34 ml of oxygen.  Therefore, red blood cells…

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What do you feel inside a hyperbaric chamber?  -Questions and Answers

What do you feel inside a hyperbaric chamber? The hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a safe and effective therapeutic modality, when delivered by trained and certified individuals. Chamber atmosphere pressurization occurs slowly allowing you to adjust ear pressure changes. Yawning, swallowing or "blow the nose" clears…

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Glioblastoma & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Glioblastoma & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Journal of Alzheimers & Neurodegenerative Diseases Malcolm R Hooper1* 1 Clinical Director Oxymed, Australia *Corresponding Author: Malcolm R Hooper Clinical Director Oxymed, Australia Tel:+61 3 9826 9898,<b Received Date: May 25, 2020 Accepted Date: Jun 02, 2020 Published Date:…

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Hyperbaric Oxygenation to Heal a Brain Wound

The US DOD's largest study to date on the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen in the treatment of Persistent Post-Concussive Syndrome finds hyperbaric treatments were associated with significant improvements in post- concussion symptoms and secondary outcomes, including PTSD (which most participants had), depression, sleep quality, satisfaction…

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