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Hyperbaric oxygen is a powerful therapeutic tool

Hyperbaric Oxygen is a powerful therapeutic tool that is used to address inflammation and hypoxia. Many conditions involve the creation of new blood vessels. It is important to know that this will take a series of treatments. Hyperbaric Oxygen is a two part treatment which…

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Hyperbaric Oxygen and Neural Recovery

In the past, it was thought that the central nervous system  lacked the inherent capability of regeneration following injury that other tissues in the body possess. Recent accumulated evidence by Israeli research teams have documented the existence of adult neuronal stem cells.  Focusing on the…

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and COVID Long Haulers Syndrome

As the pandemic drags on, the effects of the disease linger in a substantial number (between 10 to as much 30%) of patients for months. The vast majority of long-haulers test negative for COVID-19, despite having lingering symptoms. A recent review appearing Physiological Reports in February 2021 describes…

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COVID-19 Long haulers Syndrome: Treatment, Symptoms

As the pandemic enters its second year, our centre has received many inquiries concerning the use of hyperbaric oxygen to assist in recovery from the "long term" lingering effects that continue to plague survivors of this virus. Numerous news and anecdotal reports have documented remarkable…

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