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Oxygen therapy brings ‘remarkable’ turnaround for toddler who fell in pool

(CNN) July 21, 2017 Eden Carlson's story might be one in a million. The toddler, who suffered brain damage after falling into a swimming pool at 23 months old, has begun to rebuild her brain function after treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, according to a…

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The Top 20 Observations reported by the Parents of Children within the Autistic Spectrum Disorders

The observations listed below have consistently been reported by the parents of children having a diagnosis that places them within the Autistic Spectral Disorders after therapeutic treatments with hyperbaric oxygen. These observations have been compiled from treatments over last eleven years conducted at a pressure…

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Mechanism of Action for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in the Treatment of Children within the Autistic Spectrum Disorders

The information supporting the use hyperbaric oxygen therapy in addressing autism can be found throughout the scientific literature. The potential mechanism of action has yet to be determined and in fact may be as different as the spectral disorders themselves. 1. HBO mobilizes human stem…

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Why consider Hyperbaric Oxygen for your Child with CP?

Hyperbaric oxygen is a safe, effective treatment that has been used for almost 200 years to effectively treat a number of conditions which have failed to respond to “traditional” medicine. In numerous studies, HBO has demonstrated statistically significant, predictable changes in children with Cerebral Palsy.…

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