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Hyperbaric Oxygen Sessions

During HBO sessions, there is a substantial increase in the amount of oxygen carried in all body fluids including plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, lymph, and intracellular fluids. This allows increased oxygen levels to diffuse into areas with poor or compromised blood supply as well as in areas of tissue damage. Increasing tissue oxygen levels produces several important long term therapeutic benefits including enhanced growth of new blood vessels, increased ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria and remove toxins, increased growth of fibroblasts (cells involved in wound healing), and enhanced metabolic activity of previously marginally functioning cells including brain neurons.

Hyperbaric oxygen has been shown to increase circulating CD34 stem cells by 800% following a series of 20 daily sessions to twice the atmospheric pressure. By elevating the oxygen content in the fluids and tissues of the body, compromised or injured tissues and tissue in need of repair become more apparent. Healing processes requiring oxygen for energy begin.
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Far Infrared Sauna Sessions

Far Infrared sauna sessions are an accepted technique for detoxification using heated air and/or infrared wavelength emission. Its effect includes the breakdown of toxin-containing fat and the removal of these toxins through sweating. Other effects include reduction of inflammation and pain, lowering blood pressure (through dilating blood vessels) and weight loss.  Sauna sessions have been used for centuries in many civilizations and are used today in a number of alternative healthcare facilities across the country for the purpose of detoxification.
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Our staff is committed to excellence through training. We have developed exportable training packages that can be tailored to meet the onsite training needs of your facility.
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Service Implementation

From full service implementation to hyperbaric service supplementation our staff has the experience and knowledge to address your hyperbaric needs. We offer Exportable Support Packages (ESP) designed to address critical areas essential to turnkey centre implementation.
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