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In April, we began an amazing journey into hyperbaric oxygen treatments for our son, Joseph. The plan was to receive 40 treatments; 5 days a week for 8 weeks. We had no preconceived notions as to what the results would be, yet hoped his gross motor functions would improve.

As an overview of what Joseph’s abilities as a 10 year old diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum, Please note the attached Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and speech Therapy reviews from his school district.

– Parent of a child diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum

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First of all, I came here because I had already experienced the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in past to prepare my body for a big surgery and then to recover more quickly. Then in 2012 when I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction for breast cancer.

Then in November 2016, I had a relapse of breast cancer, this time with brain, lung and bone metastases. I decided to resume hyperbaric sessions to keep the oxygen-bearing cells (we know that they can not survive in oxygen) and to help repair my bones.

– Sophie B., cancer patient 

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been very beneficial for my son diagnosed with ASD. We saw improvement in eye contact, awareness, sociability, his more calm and no more so hyperactive, begun to have joint attention and social referencing, developed an interests in crafts (painting, crayons, markers, playdough).

HBOT brought language for my son, first he developed his receptive language and then begun to say single words, combine 2 to 5 words, this is where we are, he’s just turned 4.

We did more than 100 dives and plan to continue this treatment as it has shown long lasting improvements every time we did a round.

Thank you Claudine, Tiffany and Tom for the amazing job you are doing.

– C. I., parent of a child diagnosed with ASD

Just a few words to thank you for the time Maya and I spent with you.

Though the commute was difficult at the beginning, Maya and I adjusted very quickly and started enjoying our daily trip – especially when we started listening to her CDs. Now every morning she wants to come, she gets her hat and heads to the car.

I started seeing some improvements in the way Maya is interacting with us – actually many of our friends who saw her “before and after” are impressed by the change in how she looks at them or greets them. I’ve also noticed that she plays more spontaneously, she goes by herself to get her toys – mostly puzzles.   Pointing and choosing from two items were very hard to teach (over the last six years), but were unblocked during the very first weeks. She also takes her shoes off at the front door now and puts her jacket on the hook, she is even starting to participate in cleaning up after meals. After treatment session # 32 Maya said “ je t’aime” to me for the first time ever!!

– Marie, parent of a child diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum with language delay). 80 sessions in a 2 ½  year period.

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Being self-employed for more than 20 years in landscaping, I am someone who has always had a great fear of suffering a serious injury that could slow down the pace of my business. What had to happen happened … I broke my right leg (impossible to drive) and underwent an operation to rebuild my tibia and perineum. This gave me a convalescence of 6 months. I was devastated … my business cannot function without my daily presence.

A friend in the sport of motocross had already told me about Island Hyperbaric Center, his treatment had helped him recover much faster following an accident. So I talked to my doctor before I even left the hospital. Let me tell you that doctors do not praise the merits of this kind of treatment. My doctor told me it was useless …

When I left the hospital, I contacted the Center, because I had to put all the chances on my side. The manager of the Center (a real pearl) changed her schedule and gave me an appointment the next day. This lady closed the Center later, opened earlier in the morning to allow me to have a treatment quickly. I was greeted with kindness and I felt they really wanted to help. No patient is a number with them. Everyone is a priority case, that’s dedication!

After three treatments, the swelling had completely gone down! I could literally take off my cast, which I did not! And I followed up the appointments as advised by “ The Pearl” for the following three weeks. And I have to tell you, that my two shoulder tendinitis are also gone with the treatment. Pouf !!! No more pain!

Conclusion, it has been 8 weeks since I suffered my injury and I have just seen my doctor … He gave me the ok to start putting all my weight on my leg over the next month. I went from a work stoppage of six months to three months, in addition since the pain is blurred quickly, I was able to report to work a few hours a day to monitor the progress of the work done by my employees.

Island Hyperbaric Center changed my perception of things, treatments, medicines … This method has been a great success for me, my body is better, my little aches and pains are gone and I no longer have to take painkillers as before.

Thank you Claudine and your charming team for having taken care of me so well.

Christian, Contractor 

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