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You will have to learn to live with it or maybe not

You will have to learn to live with it or maybe not   It is reported that as many as 800,000 or 40% of the over 2 million coalition forces that have served in combat theatres over the last decade are struggling to deal with…

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Repeat Concussions May Require Longer Recoveries in Kids

Repeat concussions may require longer recoveries in kids By RYAN JASLOW / CBS NEWS/ June 10, 2013, 11:51 AM   Young athletes who have suffered multiple concussions need significantly longer recovery periods than first-time sufferers, according to a new study that spent a year tracking…

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Hyperbaric Treatment is Successful in Chronic Brain Injury

The USAF study from Brookes Air Force base has finally established that hyperbaric treatment benefits patients with mild chronic brain injury (mTBI ). However, the authors allege that the concept of the idling neurone is unproven, despite its acceptance by neurologists. In 1934, Courville described…

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The Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen for Cerebral Palsy

There are a number of studies around the world that have shown promise in the use of hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of cerebral palsy. The use of hyperbaric oxygen to treat Cerebral Palsy is not without controversy. But why? Could it be politically or…

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