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A true medical miracle

By Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Medical Correspondent As doctors, we don't like to use the term "miracle" too much. Truth is if you look hard enough you will find a reasonable explanation as to why one person survives, when so many others die. When Randy…

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Massage Therapy for Autistic Children

By Shirley Vanderbilt Clinical trials have shown massage therapy as a viable complementary treatment positively impacting some of the characteristic behaviours of autism. Two important studies have emerged in this area within the past few years, both from the Touch Research Institute (TRI) in Miami,…

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How Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Contribute to Treatment?

By J. Scott Delaney, MD; D. L. Montgomery, PhD Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) is used in a sports medicine setting to reduce hypoxia and edema and appears to be particularly effective for treating crush injuries and acute traumatic peripheral ischemias. When used clinically, HBO2 should be…

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