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Why consider Hyperbaric Oxygen for your Child with CP?

Hyperbaric oxygen is a safe, effective treatment that has been used for almost 200 years to effectively treat a number of conditions which have failed to respond to “traditional” medicine. In numerous studies, HBO has demonstrated statistically significant, predictable changes in children with Cerebral Palsy.

Changes Seen Consisently in Scientific Studies:

1. Improvements in gross motor function
2. Improvements in fine motor function
3. Significant reduction in spasticity.
4. Reduction in custodial care time
5. Improvement in cognition
6. Improvement in receptiveness to other therapeutic interventions

Are the changes permanent? Many are, the improvements in Quality of Life are usually apparent. The consistency of the response of patients with Cerebral Palsy regardless of age has been shown to be quite impressive even to the greatest skeptics.

Investigators from Quebec have compared hyperbarics against other therapeutic interventions for CP and found the results achieved through Hyperbaric oxygen therapy are 300-400% more effective than Other more traditional approaches to the treatment of this condition.

How does it work? At this time, the specific reason for the impressive changes seen in using HBO for neurological conditions is a matter of discussion for academics.

Scientific investigations have demonstrated:

1. HBO mobilizes human stem cells from bone marrow.
2. HBO causes new blood vessels to form so oxygen can be delivered to areas of the brain that have been injured. This new level of oxygen can restore function to viable neurons with minimized blood flow.
3. HBO conveys neuroprotection when applied early in treatment.
4. HBO can enhance detox regimes within the body

If you have questions concerning the use, application, or rationale for the use of hyperbaric oxygen and how it could possibly help you or a loved one you know. Please contact us at Island Hyperbaric Centre phone number 514-453-7978.

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