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The Use Of Hyperbaric Oxygen For Cerebral Palsy

The Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen for Cerebral Palsy

There are a number of studies around the world that have shown promise in the use of hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of cerebral palsy. The use of hyperbaric oxygen to treat Cerebral Palsy is not without controversy. But why? Could it be politically or economically driven? What is the reluctance to allow the application of oxygen under pressure to children with cerebral palsy? Perhaps the problem is getting physicians to read and understand the data.

Collet et al 2001 Lancet “The improvement seen in both groups for all dimensions tested deserves further consideration.” 111 children Quebec Canada

Senechal et al 2007 J.Amer Phys and Surgs; 12(4):109-113 Improvement in Gross Motor Function- Comparing HBOT to “Standard Therapies”

(1) Rate of improvement with HBOT upto 5 times faster than PT or dorsal rhizotomy with PT.

(2) HBOT one of the only therapies to show improvement in cognition and communication

(3) During the 2 months of HBOT treatment the rate of Progress was 15 times faster than during the 3 months follow-up when all usual therapies were reintroduced.

Quebec Canada

Montgomery et al 1999 Undersea and Hyper Med 26(4)235-242

(1) HBOT demonstrated improvement in gross motor function in three of five items in GMFM Test

(2) HBOT improved fine motor function in three of six hand tests.

(3) HBOT demonstrated reduced spasticity in three of four muscle groups when assessed by a physician specializing in CP.

(4) HBOT showed subjective improvement in four of nine questions posed to parents. 25 children Studied

Quebec Canada

Machado et al 1989 Sao Paulo Brazil 230 children studied

(1) Decrease in Spasticity in 95% of cases

(2) Improvement in Cognitive Functioning or in level of spasticity in 75.6% of the children


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