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Concussion Management at the NFL, College, High School, and Youth Sports Levels

Concussion caused by sports related activities remain a substantial concern with players, coaches, league officials and parents alike.  The devastating effects may last long after participation in sports on all levels stop. These effects appear to be linked to both concussive and sub-concussive hits and the effects are cumulative. An evidenced based clinical approach to these injuries has been elusive. Early intervention with hyperbaric oxygen is showing promised in these injuries.

This has been documented in an  article with the same title as this post. It  identifies, “Alternative nonpharmaceutical treatments appear to be gaining acceptance for the treatment of common neurodegen-erative conditions, memory decline, and reduced cognitive function. Substantial animal and human research now suggests that these same natural dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, and the use of hyperbaric oxygen may be a better first-line choice for the treatment of PCS, which has generally been underreported by both athletes and the military.”

The article goes on to say “Hyperbaric oxygen has been used for many decades to treat healing wounds and to help reverse the potentially life-threatening effects of the ‘‘bends’’ associated with deep-sea diving. In a sealed chamber, the patient breathes 100%oxygen, which is set to a pressure greater than sea level (1 atm absolute). In several published studies, mostly from the military, long-term PCSs ($ 6 months) have been successfully treated. Additionally, treatment durations have been reported to be very short (# 35 days) with 5 d/wk, 1.5 atm absolute/60-minute hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments, with 100%recovery.”

Early studies indicate that hyperbaric oxygen may have a significant role in the treatment of protracted symptoms related to Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS). Recent studies out of Israel confirm the role of hyperbaric oxygen in treating the latent effects of Post concussive syndrome.


Maroon, Joseph and Jeffery Bost, Concussion Management at the NFL, College, High School, and Youth Sports Levels, 2011 The Congress of Neurological Surgeons


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