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What do you feel inside a hyperbaric chamber?  -Questions and Answers

What do you feel inside a hyperbaric chamber?

The hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a safe and effective therapeutic modality, when delivered by trained and certified individuals.

Chamber atmosphere pressurization occurs slowly allowing you to adjust ear pressure changes. Yawning, swallowing or “blow the nose” clears ear pressure changes. Other than this ear pressure there are no unusual or different sensations. At no time during pressurization should you feel any pain. If you have difficulty equalizing the pressure in your ears notify the operator, who will assist you as required to equalize pressure in the ears and sinuses.

Also at the beginning of the treatment, the temperature of the chamber environment may seem warm. This is normal  and will normalize once treatment pressure is achieved. At the completion of treatment chamber environment will cool as the chamber depressurizes. This is normal.

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