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Mechanism of Action for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in the Treatment of Children with Autism

By Thomas M.Fox MAS, MS, CHT

The information supporting the use hyperbaric oxygen therapy in addressing autism can be found throughout the scientific literature.

The potential mechanism of action has yet to be determined and in fact may be as different as the
spectral disorders themselves.

1. HBO mobilizes human stem cells from human bone marrow
2. HBO decreases inflammation (neuro-inflammation and gastro-intestinal inflammation)
3. HBO enhances immune system function
4. HBO has been shown to increase the production of glutathione by 15%
5. HBO decreases oxidative stress through the up regulation of antioxidant enzymes
6. HBO has been shown to increase availability of neurotransmitters
7. HBO has shown to enhance the function of the mitochondria Sources of energy for the cell
8. HBO often works synergistically (making them more effectively) with antibiotics in addressing infections
9. Series HBO has been shown to increase the formation of new blood vessels into hypoperfused tissue (often the brains of children within the spectrum of disorders have areas of significant hypoperfusion)
10. Recent studies have linked High nitric oxide production to autistic spectral disorders
11. HBOT has been shown to decrease NO production

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