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Health and Wellness

Health and wellness

Clinical Studies have demonstrated the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen  for reducing the effects of conditions of age-related degeneration by providing oxygen at the cellular level to promote health and well-being.

Every cell in our body requires oxygen to enable key systems to function
              Cognitive  function
               Immune System
               Inflammatory Response
Restoring Balance in Oxygen Free Radicals-
              In a healthy state, about 20% of the oxygen we breathe forms free radicals.
              In an unhealthy state up to 80% of the oxygen we breath forms free radicals.
Hyperbaric Oxygen acts as a stimulant promoting and activating gene sequences that code for growth of new blood vessels and repair hormones
Intermittent hyperbaric oxygen treatments in stroke patients results in a decreased incidence of recurrent strokes
HBOT promotes cell repair, reversing age spots, saggy skin, wrinkles, poor collagen structure, and skin cell damage by increasing circulation to the most peripheral areas of the body
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