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Low Pressure Mild Hyperbarics

Our Island Hyperbaric Centre, located to the West of the island of Montreal, now offers Low Pressure Hyperbaric Therapy as part of our hyperbaric treatments.

The appearance of low pressure hyperbaric therapy can be traced back to 1660 with the creation of the first chamber, which was capable of manipulating ambient pressure, with goal of providing therapeutic effects. Beginning in the 1830’s, “pneumatic centers” began to appear in spas, resorts and health centers across Europe. The focus of these centers was primarily directed toward health and wellness. The beneficial effects observed in these “pneumatic centers” were brought about solely by the manipulation of ambient pressure.

These same pressures, shown to demonstrate therapeutic effects in the 1800’s, have been wrongly selected as controls in numerous studies within evidence-based medicine. Nevertheless, the beneficial effects in certain patient populations are well-documented.

Today the development of safe and effective flexible-walled, mild, low-pressure hyperbaric therapy makes it possible to experience the benefits of this treatment option in the comfort of your home.  Contact our Island Hyperbaric Centre so that we can ensure you are acquainted with the procedures that will allow you get the most out of this treatment option.

Whether you’re a medical professional looking to incorporate this therapeutic option into your practice, an individual seeking treatment in a clinical hyperbaric oxygen treatment facility or an individual looking to rent or purchase the right home hyperbaric chamber, our certified staff is here to answer your questions with knowledge that only years of experience can provide, over 32 years of international experience to be exact.

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